FAQ about Richmond

What is the variety in Richmond KS?

Richmond, KS is home to a populace of 596 individuals, from which 100 percent are residents. Starting at 2019, 0.168% of Richmond, KS inhabitants were brought into the world outside of the country (1 individuals).

In 2019, there were 23.5 times more White (Non-Hispanic) occupants (540 individuals) in Richmond, KS than some other race or identity. There were 23 Two+ (Non-Hispanic) and 14 White (Hispanic) occupants, the second and third most normal ethnic gatherings.

What number of Foreigners are there in Richmon, KS?

Starting at 2019, 0.168% of Richmond, KS occupants (1 individuals) were brought into the world outside of the United States, which is below the public normal of 13.7%. In 2018, the level of unfamiliar conceived residents in Richmond, KS was 1.22%, implying that the rate has been diminishing.

What number of veterans are there in Richmond?

Richmond, KS has a huge populace of military faculty who served in Vietnam, 1.23 times more noteworthy than some other clash.

How much is the average wage in Richmond?

In 2019, full-time male workers in Kansas made 1.41 times more than female representatives.

This graph shows the orientation-based wage difference in the 5 most normal occupations in Kansas by number of full-time workers.

What number of females are there in Richmond?

8.03% of the populace for whom destitution not entirely set in stone in Richmond, KS (44 out of 548 individuals) lives underneath the neediness line, a number that is below the public normal of 12.3%. The biggest segment living in neediness are Females 75+, trailed by Females 6 – 11 and afterward Females 35 – 44.

Is it great to live in Richmond?

Virginia’s capital city has a reasonable cost for most everyday items, a solid work market, a crazy trendy person vibe, thus substantially more-it’s no big surprise it’s one of the main 50 best places to reside in the U.S. Look at these 12 things to be familiar with living in Richmond!